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Azienda Agricola Cascina Azii

The Cascina Azii farm has its roots in Feisoglio, a little village in the Alta Langa hills, surrounded by hazelnut groves where the “Nocciola Piemonte IGP delle Langhe” is grown.

Grandma Rita, together with her husband's family, the “Morenos” of Feisoglio, and her three children, runs the farm's historic business devoted, as it has been for generations, to the cultivation of over ten hectares of land dedicated to growing hazelnuts and processing this exquisite product. She enthusiastically oversees every stage of the process, from harvesting to transformation, to make and reinterpret the most classic traditional Langa cakes, biscuits and desserts. All kinds of sweet treats are created in the professional kitchen, made with hazelnuts and other delicious ingredients: cakes, baci di dama (lady kisses), biscuits, torroncini (nougat) and cream spreads. Particularly during summer, visits to the farm are enhanced by the pleasure of savouring a generous tub of homemade ice cream.

The kitchen is not only open for visits, but also hosts fun and original educational activities and cooking classes, for both adults and children, held by members of the family.

At Cascina Azii you will find a whole range of old-fashioned equipment: the shelling machine, the press to produce high-quality hazelnut oil, the refiner, the hulling machine and, above all, the wood-fired oven where the hazelnuts are roasted, giving the products an unmistakable and intense aroma which is completely different from that obtained with the much more common technique of roasting in a roasting pan.

Thanks to the warmth and generosity of the Moreno family, combined with the excellence of their creations, Cascina Azii is the perfect place for hazelnut lovers, families with children and curious guests in search of a new experience.

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